Tree Study: Comfort & Joy

Gold and white pine cone on Christmas tree, with gold ribbons

Guests of Christmas Place know that our design team offers inspiration for holiday decorating by creating many unique and diverse Christmas tree themes every year.  Using layers of style, color, and texture to unify the look of each tree, we hope to excite visitors with new looks and ideas not just for trees, but also for adding […]

Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies for Santa

Cookies for Santa

Iced Cookies with a Twist The best cookies to leave for Santa:  iced cookies, but with a twist – instead of a basic sugar cookie, make it chocolate!  We know Santa loves chocolate as much as we do. Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies (Decorated) 350° oven, ungreased baking sheets, 6-8 minutes Ingredients: 4 bars (8 oz. box) […]

Two for Tuesday

Two for Tuesday

Christmas ornaments, how much variety there is at Incredible Christmas Place!  We could never limit ourselves to only traditional colors and styles, that would be no fun for you or for us.  We’re always going to show what’s new, different, and fun for your Christmas tree. My first favorite today is a [taupe fur poinsettia] […]

Magic Cookie Bars for Santa

Cookies for Santa

It Is baking Time! After today, there are only eight more Fridays before Christmas … which means it’s past time to get started baking cookies to leave for Santa on Christmas eve, don’t you agree?! We’re going to share a favorite cookie recipe each Friday until Christmas – and if you have a favorite you’d like […]

All Shapes & Sizes

Finding the Perfect Balance I’m thinking it’s a beauty and a cutie, both on one tree in the Christmas Gallery.  Every tree needs both large and small decorations, as well as sizes in between, for balance and a pleasing aspect. This distressed-finish [red lantern] is a foot tall (without the handle), and can be used indoors […]