We call it “Christmas in Aspen,” this elegant showcase tree near the front door. For the ultimate glitz and glamour, mix all the precious metal colors plus crystal, white, and a touch of green – For whimsy, add a touch of faux fur!

Our designers show us once again that we can be fearless in the elements we bring together for decorating the Christmas tree – as long as it makes us happy.


How brilliantly copper, bronze, gold, silver, platinum, and even a touch of iron work together on this swankiest of Christmas trees.  The unusual brown and burlap poinsettias together with a sprinkling of unpainted wood and neutral-tone glass ornaments add a grounded note amidst all the sparkle and shine.


Gold-silver tree14

Gold-silver tree13

Gold-silver tree2

Gold-silver tree5

Gold-silver tree8

Gold-silver tree4

Are you bold enough to give this style a try?  Whatever your style, we’ve got what you need to take your Christmas tree(s) to the next level on the “wow” scale!

Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

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