Yes, here at Christmas Place, we do Halloween too – we do it the Department 56 way, with lights and animation and only the occasional scream from the ghosties and beasties!

Sure, there’s a bit of headlessness, and you’ll find a witch and a bat and a black cat or two.  Oh – lots of skeletons, not to be forgotten!  The amusement park attractions – hmmm, more amusing to some than to others .. but it’s all in good fun.  I only wish we kept the display stocked with bowls of my favorite, candy corn!

Take a tour of our [Halloween village] – there’s poetry in the day for you, too.

You probably saw a few houses and accessories you’d like to add to your own village.  We’d love to help you dream up some creative ways to display your spooky favorites this year!  The newest product that hasn’t even shipped yet is labeled “out of stock” on our website, but you can still add it to your cart – we’ll backorder and ship it to you later, no worries.

Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

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