Guests of Christmas Place know that our design team offers inspiration for holiday decorating by creating many unique and diverse Christmas tree themes every year.  Using layers of style, color, and texture to unify the look of each tree, we hope to excite visitors with new looks and ideas not just for trees, but also for adding holiday cheer throughout your home.

Comfort & Joy

Here is a study in photos of our Comfort & Joy theme, a Christmas tree featuring a blend of champagne and gold metallics (with a touch of silver, too) with gold-and-white ornaments and accents that come together on a lightly-flocked, dark green tree.  Tons of shine and sparkle are perfectly balanced by matte (and a little sparkling) white for a surprisingly soft look in the end.  Enjoy!

Leaping Deer Christmas Ornament

Gold and white pine cone on Christmas tree, with gold ribbons

The pine cones above are painted white on the top and gold on the undersides – they look great from every angle!

Small Christmas plaque as Christmas tree ornament, white with metallic gold lettering, and gold leaves and tinsel accents on tree.

We often use small plaques as ornaments in the tree – you’ll be surprised at the variety of elements you can use as ornaments.  Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Small white and light tan finch with feathers and very lightly sparkling faux fur, clip on bird ornament

Sprinkle in a few soft birds as a delicate counterpoint to all the glitter and glam on the Christmas tree.

Wide white woven ribbon overlayed with gold filigree embroidered and cutout pattern

White and glittering gold tree-shaped ornament mixed with embroidered and sheer gold and white ribbons on a flocked tree branch

We’ve layered woven and sheer ribbons together for additional texture and depth.  We always use a minimum of two ribbon styles, and sometimes three is even better!

Clear acrylic leaping deer ornament, gold glitter on front facing side of ornament

Clear acrylic tall-standing deer ornament, gold glitter on front facing side of ornament

Glittered gold ornament with white tips

Mini plaque with wording Joy to the World, The Lord is Come and nativity scene in metallic gold ink, hung in tree as an ornament

Look at the mix of goldwe’ve combined in the flowers, leaves, and glitter garlands on the tree.  Don’t be too matched with everything; shades of the same value bring depth and warmth to this theme.

Metallic gold glass disc ornament with Merry and Bright and laurel wreath design in white

Matte white glass ornament with metallic gold lettering of Merry Christmas in an ornamental font

Another counterpoint, the matte white finish on this ornament tones down all the sparkle.

Long finial-shaped ornament in glitter gold with white pearls arranged in a repeating mini flower pattern, hanging about a glittering gold ribbon garland

Glittering gold poinsettia floral stem accented with silver sequined and glittered balls and gold tinsel stems

White woven poinsettia with stitched gold sequins patterning the petals, gold glittered balls in the center, gold glitter outlining the petals

We worked three different styles of poinsettias into the design for our Comfort & Joy tree, once again adding interest and depth to the overall look.

Light gold and champagne poinsettia surround by an assortment of gold and champagne glittering leaves

Gold poinsettia with glitter and mini white beads rimming the petals

Gold glittered 3-dimensional multi-pointed star Christmas ornament

Sparkling white deer with gold glittered antlers hanging amoung other Christmas ornaments on a flocked tree

White glittered ornament with gold glitter accents on each stem

Sparkle, sparkle, and more sparkle!  This elf says there can never be too much sparkle!

White flocked Christmas tree decorated with gold, platinum, and white leaves, ribbons, ornaments, flowers, and birds

White flocked Christmas tree with a lighted, clear acrylic starburst tree topper, matte white ornaments patterned with metallic gold painted accents, and decorated with white and gold ribbons and glittered and white leaves, flowers, and ornaments

We think our designers have created a Christmas tree masterpiece with outstanding appeal!  The metallic and white elements blend so beautifully with the dark green flocked tree that also has some lightly frosted – looking like ice – branches in the mix. Warm white lights throughout the tree and in the acrylic starburst tree top bring a warm glow to the whole creation.

Our designers have just returned from their first market trips of the year, and we can’t wait to see what new themes they are envisioning for Christmas 2018!

~Janet @ Christmas Place

P.S.  Did you know, we added in-home and in-office design and decoration services this year?  We ran out of appointment times early in the fall, so if you’re interested in having us come to your home or office to design and install decorations, contact us early – 1-800-445-3396, talk to Lindsey at extension 151.

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