For All the Pickle Lovers Out There!

On the list of Christmas traditions, the Christmas pickle ornament is one of the more colorful ones.  First of all, because…pickle??  At least it’s in the green family!

Old World Christmas glass pickle ornament

Some say the pickle in the Christmas tree began in Germany, but ask a German and they’ll probably think you’re pickled.

Glass pickle ornament with face, Santa hat & scarf.

In the 1880s, Woolworth stores sold glass ornaments made in Germany in the shapes of fruits and vegetables.  It’s our theory that the pickle was not the most popular ornament in the collection, and so an enterprising and creative salesman invented the story of the hidden Christmas pickle to move his last remaining inventory.

Glass pickle ornament stored in a jar.

And so, today, we offer the Christmas pickle as a holiday tradition – hide a pickle ornament in your tree, and the first member of the household to find it is rewarded with a small present.  Anything for more presents, right?!  (Personally, I wouldn’t mind unwrapping a jar of bread-and-butter chips.)

Have a favorite Christmas tradition that just makes the holidays for you?  We’d like to know about it!  Tell us your story – family traditions enrich the holidays and create memories that traverse generations.  To this day, we’re all likely to find one present under the tree for each person with a tag reading “From Santa Clause.”  Nor would it be Christmas without Mom’s green pea, asparagus, and water chestnut casserole, and a heaping helping of jellied cucumber salad.

More Christmas traditions to come, in case you’re looking for something new this year.

Janet @ The Incredible Christmas Place

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