Department 56

As an authorized Platinum Key Dealer and one of the largest retailers in the country, we offer the best selection in both new and retired Village houses, accessories, and figurines.

Man and Boy

A Christmas Story

A Classic Christmas village collection featuring a young boy Ralphie.

Alpine Village

Alpine Village

The Alpine Village Series features a diverse set of detailed buildings.

Scrooge and Marley Counting House

Dickens Village

Capture the rich architecture and culture of Victorian England.


New England Village

These post-colonial hand-painted buildings celebrate America’s roots.

Snow Village Business

Snow Village

Another Department 56 classic, Snow Village is traditional and familiar.

Spooky Village

Halloween Village

The Halloween Village is spooky and fun for the whole family.

Mr and Mrs. Clause Residence

North Pole Village

Who says adults can’t believe in Santa? Relive the magic of Christmas.

40th Anniversary

Snow Village Letters 40th Anniversary

Snow VIllage Letters to Santa

40th Anniversary – Sending a letter to Santa is a must in every child`s heart.

Snow Village 40th Anniversary

The Snow Village Gazebo

40th Anniversary – The classic white bead board design creates the perfect complement to The Original Snow Village.

Express Van 40th Anniversary

Department 56 Express Van

40th Anniversary – Add the Express Van to your village to commemorate the past 40 years of excellence.

Old St. John's Church 40th Anniversary

Old St. John’s Church

40th Anniversary – Old St. John s is a perfect representation of Still Water and its many majestic and iconic churches.